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What's New!!
New Version of the popular 2.0 Supersole!
We just got our first shipment of the new
mini-lug 2.0 Supersoles.  Click on the
picture for details.  They are a great new
look to a fantastic boot.

Be sure to watch for the Red Wing
advertisement during the NCAA tournament
on WCIA channel 3.
Quality and Service
At all of our Central Illinois Locations you can expect
to find outstanding quality, cutting edge design and
style, and unmatched customer service.
All of our locations offer special services
Check back often to catch upcoming special events and offers!
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stores.  Click on the pictures
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Where Fit
Comes First
Many services come with footwear purchased at our Red Wing
Shoe Stores, we encourage you to take advantage of them:

  • Free laces anytime they are needed
  • Free conditioning, including maintenance required to keep
    your warranty valid and keep your feet comfortable
  • Oiling
  • Polishing
  • Silicone treatment
  • Free eyelets or hooks, as you prefer, anytime they are
  • Free minor stitching or repair

Much can be done in the store, however some procedures
require equipment that necessitates we send them out to other
repair facilities.
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